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  • 1. 一家宾馆新开业,为吸引外国宾客,希望在互联网上进行宣传,请你用英语为其写一篇文字介绍。主要内容包括:








  • 1. 短文改错

    My name is Li Hua, and I was the passenger on Flight HZH9211 of your airline, returned from abroad on August 2nd, 2018. Unfortunate, I found that my suitcase got lost when I arrived at the airport. I am therefore writing to ask your help in finding my suitcase.

    The suitcase is a yellow one, 80cm long, 40cm wide or 25cm thick, with my name tag on the back. It contain many important personal file and some scientific materials. There are also some presents that I bought them for my family members and friends. It will be a great disappointment to me if I can't find it.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could help find mine lost suitcase. I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.

  • 1. 现在有些父母经常翻看孩子的日记或书包,这一现象引起了很大关注。现在请你针对这一社会现象根据如下内容写一篇英文报告:




  • 1. 短文改错

    Jack failed in the history examination in the end of the school term. And then he was telling that he would never graduate. However, her father went to see the professor and said, "He's a good boy. If you let him to pass this time, I'm sure he'll pass history examination next year. "No, that's possible," replied the professor immediate, "I asked him when Napoleon died. He didn't know!" "Please, sir, give him another chances. None of us knew Napoleon was ill so I didn't take any newspapers in my house, " answers Jack's father.

  • 1. 短文改错

    The teenage year from 13 to 19 were the most difficult time for me. They were also the best and worse years in my life. At the first, I thought I knew everything and could make decisions by yourself. However, my parents didn't seem to think such. They always tell me what to do and how to do it. At one time, I ever felt my parents couldn't understand me so I hoped I could be freely from them. I showed them I was independent by wear strange clothes. Now I am leaving home to college. At last, I will be on my own, but I still want to have my parents to turn to whenever need help.

  • 1. 假设你是John,受某英文报的委托,你最近对高中生的英语阅读兴趣做了一次调查,请根据以下信息,用英语为该报写一篇100词左右的报告总结。报告的开头已为你写好。




    调查人数:1 000


    调查时间:3rd August, 2018


    To: English Newspaper

    From: John

    Date: 3rd August, 2018

    Subject: Reading Interests

    Recently a survey has been done to find out the reading interests of senior middle school students.

  • 1. permit /permission

    I would like to do it with you, but I am not sure whether my parents ________.

    You must ask for ________if you want to leave early.

  • 1. threat /threaten /threatening

    The attacker ________them with a gun.

    These ancient woodlands are under ________from new road developments.

    New Yorkers used to see the graffiti on the walls of poor neighborhoods and subway trains as something ________and as an example of urban decay.

  • 1. respond /response

    There was an enthusiastic ________to my suggestions.

    This modest group size allows our teachers to ________to the needs of each student.

  • 1. accept /acceptable

    It was pouring with rain so I ________his offer of a lift.

    We want a political solution that is ________to all parties.

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