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  • 1. 避免犯同样的错误是多么有必要啊!

    1 necessary it is to 2 3 the same mistake!

  • 1. 我发现学习英语很有趣。

    I 1 2 3 to learn English.

  • 1. 任务型阅读


    You may have already forgotten the days when you had to learn how to use chopsticks. Every Chinese kid struggles with them for some time. 2They come with their own special rules and traditions.

    3 Playing with chopsticks is seen as bad manners, just as making noise with forks and knives in a Western country would be rude.

    There are also some superstitions(迷信)related to chopsticks. For example,some people believe that chopsticks should not be left standing upright in a bowl. It looks like the incense(香) that Chinese use to honor the dead. 4

    You should not tap chopsticks on the edge of the bowl either, as beggars do this to ask for food. Parents may get mad if children do this as they don't want their children to be as poor as beggars in the future.

    Apart from being tableware, chopsticks can also be a great gift. 5 Newlyweds(新婚夫妇) sometimes receive chopsticks as a wedding gift. Skilled craftsmen paint beautiful images on chopsticks to make them look like fine artworks.

    A. How Chinese kids learn to use chopsticks

    B. People should not make noise with chopsticks.

    C. Learn the rules and traditions behind chopsticks

    D. Doing it at the dinner table is believed to bring bad luck.

    E. But chopsticks are not just simple tools to pick up food.

    F. In Chinese," chopsticks" reads" kuaizi", which means to have babies soon.

  • 1. Among the four 1 (季节), I like the winter best.
  • 1. The little girl 1 (亲吻)her mum good night before she goes to bed.
  • 1. The museum is open daily 1 (除……之外)Mondays.
  • 1. We 1 (珍惜) the time we spend with our family and friends in our everyday lives.
  • 1. 法国承诺努力重建巴黎圣母院。

    France has 1 to 2 an 3 to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

  • 1. Life is invaluable. This is a price we must pay and a price is worth 1 (pay).
  • 1. The mother told her children that they 1 (expect) to be kind, not just successful.
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