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  • 1. 阅读理解

    After leaving school for many years, a group of graduates(毕业生) visited their teacher. All of them complained about problems and stress in their work and life.

    The teacher went to the kitchen and returned with a large bottle of coffee and many kinds of cups- china(瓷), plastic and glass. He told them to help themselves to the coffee.

    When all the students had a cup of coffee in their hands, the teacher said," If you noticed, all the nice-looking and expensive cups had been taken, but the simple and cheap ones had been left behind. Although it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source(根源) of your problems and stress. In fact, the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. It is just a tool to contain(容纳) what we drink."

    What all of them really wanted was coffee, not the cups, but they all went for the best cups. And then they began to watch others' cups. Life is the coffee; jobs, money and the social position are the cups. The cups we have do not change the quality of our life.

    Sometimes, if we only pay attention to the cup, we will fail to enjoy the coffee.

    The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.

    1. (1) According to the passage, the graduates are not satisfied because of _______.
    2. (2) From the passage we can know that _______.
    3. (3) The teacher provided his students with many kinds of cups because _______.
    4. (4) The passage tells us that _______.
    5. (5) Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
  • 1. 阅读理解

    Maybe we three were the most unlucky graduates in our school history. I'll never forget the day when we had our graduation ceremony(毕业典礼).

    I was known for being careless. I often fell down for no reason. Since 1 fell off the stage(舞台) during my Primary Graduation Ceremony, my family bet that I would fall down again during my next graduation ceremony. The day came so quickly. This time, I proudly made it through the whole ceremony without falling... but I knocked over the whole backdrop (背景幕布) used to take pictures for graduates! I felt so embarrassed (尴尬的) the whole morning.

    My friend Julia was even more embarrassed. When she together with all the graduates was sitting quietly in the hall at eight in the morning, she didn't expect her father to come to attend her ceremony because he was really busy then. The hall was very quiet and you could even hear a pin (针)drop on the ground. When all of a sudden, out of the silence, she heard "Hey, Julia!" Everyone in the hall looked behind and found Julia's father, with a camera in his hand, smiling at her!

    Tiffany was the most beautiful girl of us three. She loved all kinds of dresses. On that day, she dressed herself beautifully and wanted to have some beautiful photos. Unluckily, it was one of the windiest days of our life. The wind blew her beautiful dress up in front of the whole graduate class! She didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

    Lucky? Unlucky? So lucky! All of these became the unforgettable part of our life!

    1. (1) The writer was very _______ in her daily life.
    2. (2) Julia's father _______ at the graduation ceremony.
    3. (3) This story happened on a _______ morning.
    4. (4) Tiffany was embarrassed because _______ that day.
    5. (5) Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
  • 1. You have to finish these /ta:sks/in one hour.
  • 1. 海伦如此聪明,很快能解答出许多难题。

    Helen is so clever that she can many difficult problems quickly.

  • 1. 阅读理解

    It was last January, when I'd just finished a charity(慈善) event and was on the train back home, that I put down my phone and started writing thank-you notes to people who had helped.

    When I got off the train, I felt amazingly good. The next day, I wrote more thank you and the same feeling of happiness hit me again. I suddenly had the idea: Why not keep on doing this for every day of the year?

    To keep on the task, I decided to pick out a different theme for each month. January was charity. February would be neighbors, I decided. And I thought of a number of names right away: the owner of our local bookstore, who let me and my little son in before the store opened and offered to play his favorite songs; our babysitter, who dropped off a bag of old board games for our kids to play...

    While writing the notes, I realized how often I had spent my time on the phone moving from app to app, appreciating(欣赏) other people's lives. Writing thank –you notes allowed me the time to do something different, paying more attention to my own life.

    In the following months, I wrote to my friends, doctors, teachers and parenting role models. In July, my food" month, I wrote to Julie, who used to cook at my favorite restaurant. It went like this:

    Dear Julie,

    I've been finding myself missing you lately. Thank you for hosting me and cooking beautiful and thoughtful food.

    Jake and I will never forget when you sent out biscuits shaped into the number VI for our sixth anniversary(周年纪念日). We talk about it every year.

    Thank you. We miss you.



    I was happy to receive a note back from her. Julie replied, "I don't think I've ever received such a touching letter before. I'm going through a hard time right now, and this helps. "

    On December 31, I wrote my last card- to Jake, my husband, and our two kids. And I took a picture of us, so I could remember the feeling welling up inside me. Gratitude.

    1. (1) The underlined word "this" in Paragraph 2 means _______.
    2. (2) How did Julie most probably feel after reading the note from Gina?
    3. (3) The theme of the December notes might be" _______".
    4. (4) What did Gina get by doing her task according to the passage?
    5. (5) The best title for the passage can be _______.
  • 1. Whatever difficulties we may meet, we'll help each other to o them.
  • 1. 根据短文内容,将下面方框中的句子还原到文章当中,使短文内容完整。

    Three Simple Words

    I had to sit in the front row so that I could read the teacher's lips. Kids laughed at me because of my hearing aid and the way I talked.

    I not only had trouble playing with my classmates, but also had difficulty reading the clock, and reading. I fell behind in the fourth grade.

    But then Mrs Jordan let me pass. She made the way for my fifth grade. They changed my life forever.

    On one sunny afternoon, she asked the class a question. I felt confident because- -for once-I was sure I had the right answer. I took a deep breath and answered her question.

    With a wide smile she cried, "That's right, Stephen!" For the first time in my young life, I felt like a star. After that day, not only my grades but also my speech improved greatly. My classmates began to look at me with respect.

    It was amazing how three simple words changed my young life. That's right, Stephen! They got me to think: I would make a place for myself in this world no matter how many difficulties I had to overcome.

    A. My heart beat hard with pride.

    B. All it took was three simple words.

    C. I read her lips and raised my hand at once.

    D. Some teachers didn't know what to do with me.

    E. And she spoke out three simple words at the right time in just the right way.

  • 1. 完形填空

    A prom (毕业舞会) is a big part of high school for students in the UK. A school prom is a formal(正式的)1to celebrate an important date at school, such as the end of high school or completing school exams. A prom is usually2in June, around the end of exam time. The idea is to have fun with your school friends. A prom organizer provides3for the special event, including balloons, food and music. But you need to prepare your own4.

    Young people like to5 for their prom. On the prom night, girls change their school uniforms for an evening dress and high heels. Boys usually wear a suit 6 a tie and smart shoes. The right hairstyle is important, too.

    Arriving at your prom in a chauffeur-driven limousine (有专职司机的车) is very7The party can start on the way to the dinner or dance. Some people drive around town in their best clothes 8 make sure that everyone sees them.

    Not long ago, most British schools didn't have school proms. They9had a school party at the end of the term. Now, more than 85 percent of schools in Britain have a prom. Many parents 10 the prom as an important thing. They say it has had a great influence on their kids.

    A . race B . party C . meeting D . notice
    A . held B . happened C . entered D . developed
    A . something B . anything C . nothing D . everything
    A . product B . address C . textbook D . clothes
    A . put on B . clean up C . dress up D . take down
    A . in B . for C . with D . of
    A . lonely B . strange C . silent D . popular
    A . so B . and C . but D . or
    A . really B . quickly C . simply D . slowly
    A . regard B . report C . lead D . search
  • 1. 过去几年里一些大城市里农民工的数量增加了一倍。

    The number of peasant-workers in some big cities in the past few years.

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