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  • 1. —Can I try the clothes on?

    —________ (当然可以).

  • 1. I have________ (几个;一些) friends there, so I am very happy.
  • 1. 阅读理解

        It is Sunday afternoon. Mary goes shopping with her mother. Her mother wants to buy some food for supper. Mary wants to buy a T-shirt and some school things. They come to a shop.

         "What does your shop sell?" Mary asks. "A lot of things," the girl in the shop says. "You can buy food, drinks, clothes and school things in our shop."

        Mary and her mother go into the shop. There are many people in the shop. Mary finds a nice white T-shirt.

        "How much is the T-shirt?" Mary asks the girl in the shop.

        "It's eighty yuan."

        "That's too dear. Do you have a cheap one?"

        "What about the green one? It looks nice. And it's only thirty yuan."

        "OK, thanks a lot." "You are welcome."

        After that, Mary buys some school things too. Her mother buys a lot of food, like bread, cakes, meat and fish. They get home very late.

    1. (1) Mary goes shopping with her mother on ________.
    2. (2) Mary wants to buy a T-shirt and ________.
    3. (3) The white T-shirt is ________.
    4. (4) Mary buys a ________T-shirt.
    5. (5) The green T-shirt is________.
  • 1. Can I help you? (同义句转换)

    ________ ________I________ ________you?

  • 1. Do you know how it is changing our________ (life)?
  • 1. These clothes are _____________sale.
    A . on B . in C . at D . of

  • 1. As soon as she _____________at home, Sally knew she had bought the wrong dress.
    A . handed it in B . tried it on C . cut it out D . made it up

  • 1. —Would you like_____________ to eat?

    —Yes, please.

    A . anything delicious B . delicious anything C . something delicious

  • 1. Mary's mother bought two kilos of apples today. (对画线部分提问)

    ________ ________apples ________Mary's mother ________today?

  • 1. 我们可以在网上比较同种商品的价格。

    We can ________the________ of the same________ on the Internet.

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