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  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) 完形填空

    When I was twelve years old, my father took me to see Zig Ziegler. I remember sitting in that dark auditorium listening to Mr. Zigler raise everyone's 1up to die ceiling. I left there saying, "Dad, I want to make people feel like that." My father asked me what I 2 . "I want to be a motivational speaker just like Mr. Zigler," I replied. A 3 was born.

    Recently, I began pursuing my dream of 4 others. After a four — year relationship with a major fortune 100 company as a regional sales manager, I left the company at the 5of my career. Many people were shocked that I would leave after earning a six-figure income. And they asked why I would 6 everything for a dream.

    I made my decision to start my own company and leave my secure 7 after attending a regional sales meeting. The vice-president of our company 8 a speech that changed my life. I realized that everything I had 9 the graduate degree, the successful sales career, managing for a fortune 100 company had 10 me for this moment. I was ready to become a motivational speaker.

    When I tearfully told my boss my 11, this incredible leader whom I respect so much replied, "12 with confidence and you will be successful".

    Having made that decision, I was immediately 13. One week after I gave notice, my husband was 14 from his job. We needed both incomes to 15 the monthly mortgage payment(抵押贷款). It was 16 to go back to my former company, but I didn't. I decided I still wanted to move forward 17 end up with a mouth full of "if onlys" later on. A motivational speaker was born.

    When I held 18 to my dream, even during the tough times, the miracles really began to happen. In a short time period my husband found a better job. And I was able to book several 19 engagements with new clients. I discovered the incredible power of dreams. To celebrate my success I had a local artist paint my new office as a garden. At the top of one wall she painted, "The world always 20the dreamer."

    A . efforts B . hopes C . spirits D . brains
    A . meant B . recognized C . concluded D . found
    A . curiosity B . dream C . purpose D . challenge
    A . handling B . caring C . inspiring D . promising
    A . point B . heart C . end D . height
    A . risk B . exchange C . lose D . refuse
    A . reputation B . position C . spot D . future
    A . wrote B . prepared C . heard D . delivered
    A . accomplished B . imagined C . arranged D . recommended
    A . trained B . saved C . prepared D . pushed
    A . words B . plans C . jobs D . issues
    A . Turn around B . Come over C . Stay up D . Go ahead
    A . tested B . warned C . reminded D . touched
    A . taken off B . called off C . laid off D . put off
    A . earn B . make C . return D . borrow
    A . causal B . interesting C . scaring D . attractive
    A . rather than B . or rather C . as well as D . or else
    A . deep B . fast C . close D . still
    A . working B . investing C . speaking D . learning
    A . take aim at B . pay attention to C . keep contact with D . make ways for
  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) 阅读短文,并按照题目要求用英语回答问题。

    Today, the first thing you see when you drive into the small town of McFarland, California, is a welcome poster. "Home of the State Champions, it says proudly. Written across the bottom are the names of the members of the running teams that have brought McFarland nine state championships over the past twenty years. Today, this little farming town is the "home of champions", but things weren't always like this.

    It all began with a group of seven young men, who were McFarland High Schools first running team. They were called "cloud runners" because it looked like they were floating on a brown cloud of dust as they carved paths through the surrounding fields.

    They weren't a very good team. But the turning point came one hot summer afternoon when the young men were doing hill practice. As there were no hills in McFarland, their coach, Jim White, made them run up and down large piles of nut shells covered in white plastic sheets.

    "Enough!" one of the young men cried. The sound of breaking shells could be heard as he beat his fists on the sheet. The plastic tore and a river of nut shells poured out. "Do you know what these are, Mr. White? They're almond shells. Do you know where they come from? My family has been working on farms picking almonds for forty years.

    You and your family, living in your big comfortable home, eat these without giving a single thought to where they came from. And now you are making us run on them! I've had enough!"

    "We're losers, Mr. White, not winners," another young man continued his face wet with tears and sweat. "Nothing has changed here for forty years and nothing's ever going to change! Running is for rich kids in private schools in the big city, not for us poor farm boys. We can't even afford real shoes for running. We're 'pickers'. I'm going home!"

    Something in Jim White's heart changed that day. He went into the fields and worked with the 'pickers'. He bought running shoes for the boys. He spent evenings having dinner with the boys' families. His wife baked and sold cookies to raise money. One small act of kindness led to another. Other families began to take notice, and slowly, the entire town came to support Mr. White as he helped these young men change from farm workers to champions.

    1. (1) What is the town proud of? (no more than 5 words)
    2. (2) In paragraph 4, why did the young man get angry with Mr. White? (no more than 15words)
    3. (3) What did the young man mean by saying “We're pickers."? (no more than 12 words)
    4. (4) What does the last paragraph mainly tell us? (no more than 20 words)
    5. (5) To whom did that summer afternoon represent a turning point? Please give your reason, (no more than 25words)
  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) Carter was saying all the right things, but his smile was      , and I knew I couldn't trust him.
    A . influential B . fantastic C . artificial D . sincere
  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) —Is Peter coming?

    —No, he       his mind after a phone call at the last minute.

    A . changed B . has changed C . had changed D . is changing
  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) When he saw the mists rising from the river and the soft clouds       the mountain tops, he was reduced to tears.
    A . being surrounded B . surrounded C . surrounding D . to surround
  • 1. (2021·和平模拟)       the great contributions he made to the film industry, the committee awarded Chaplin a special Oscar in 1972.
    A . In view of B . In place of C . In favour of D . In terms of
  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) Under no ________ should passengers leave the underground platform and get on the tracks.
    A . circumstances B . situations C . occasions D . cases
  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) 假设你是晨光中学的李津。一个美国学生Dennis在抖音(Tik Tok)上录制了他在纽约和 多国留学生一起庆祝中国春节的视频。请你根据以下要点对视频留言评论。








    参考词汇:饺子dumpling 中国结Chinese knot

  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) 阅读理解

    These beautiful reading spots are best enjoyed with no one for company but the inhabitants of your favorite fictional worlds ...

    ---By Anna Walker Women's Library, Glasgow

    Rows of books on women's issues throughout history line the shelves of the only official museum in the UK dedicated to women's lives, histories and achievements and a number of events across the year transform this library into a living social hub, with creative writing classes, performance groups, craft sessions and more.

    The library's key aim is to support women, with services teaching literacy, calculations, and handling a range of issues including poverty, and surviving violence.

    Visit womenslibyaryore.uk

    Sir Duncan Rice Library, Aberdeen

    The outside of the modern facility is a huge glass structure - made of 760 glass panels and 2,200 tons of steel.

    The Sir Duncan Rice is also conscious of its carbon footprint; designed to collect rainwater which is reused to flush its toilets, harvesting power through solar cells on the roof and using timers to control the use of its fluorescent lighting.

    Visit abdn.ac.uk/library

    John Ryland, Manchester

    Created over 100 years ago as a gift to Manchester and its people, the John Ryland welcomes over 250,000 visitors through its doors each year. The project began as a honor by Enriqueta Ryland to her late husband John Ryland, and has grown to become the third largest academic library in the UK, home to over a million manuscripts (手稿)

    Modern extensions to the building added since the 2000s create a breath-taking collision (冲突) of historic and modem architecture. Regular events planned with the whole family in mind make this library one to visit time and time again.

    Visit library.manchesterac. uk/rylmds

    Wellcome Reading Room, Lo

    Spend an afternoon studying in the Reading Room of London's Wellcome Museum and you may just find yourself enjoying a side of people-watching with your literature. With drawing classes, pop-up exhibitions and artistic displays accompanying rows of educational books, it's an enjoyable spot to visit, revisit and declare your number one study spot. The impressive stairway and desks are allowing you the perfect spot to pause and reflect, whatever your library mission.

    Visit wellcomecollection.org/visit-us

    1. (1) What do we know about Women's Library in the passage?
    2. (2) What is the unique feature of the Sir Duncan Rice Library?
    3. (3) What information can we probably find when visiting librarv.manchesterac.uk/rylands?
    4. (4) Which of the following descriptions of Wellcome Reading Room is correct?
    5. (5) Which one presents the combination of ancient and modern buildings?
  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) 阅读理解

    My doctor took me for a walk around the farm where she lives. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and discouraged by anxiety and depression.

    The place was full of life. There were insects, horses, rabbits and a cat. She told me to focus on my body in the environment.

    When I was ill I tended to retreat into my mind and disconnect from here and now. So, when I met a horse named Fira, I expected nothing.

    As I got closer to Fira, she nuzzled (用鼻子爱抚)her nose into my chest, putting a gentle pressure over my heart. Something happened inside me: I felt as if I had reached a wellspring (源泉)of past hurts, fears and failings. I began to melt emotionally.

    I patted Fira's nose and breathed in her smell. I found I didn't have to concentrate on feeling better; Fira helped me feel loved and safe.

    I worked with Fira often, learning basic communication and leading methods to work together with her. Initially, I wasn't sure exactly what one would do with a horse except riding it. But I knew that Fira had touched me in an uncommon way and had made me feel better. She connected with me by responding to my emotional state and reflecting it back to me in an open, affectionate way.

    In my meetings with Fira, I found that I lost my usual self-consciousness and I would focus entirely on communicating.

    I learned to live in the present, to focus on what was happening this day, in this moment, in this place. I learned to forget the past, with all its hurts. I learned to forget the future, which hasn't happened yet. When you stand beside a horse, you exist completely in the moment.

    "With Fira by my side, I saw into a life in which trust comes first, and compassion follows.

    I found a deep peace in leading her along a path, by using my own power of intention to indicate whether to start, stop, turn left or turn right. I felt an inner quiet and even joy. My work with this horse was part of a journey out of a very dark night in my soul.

    1. (1) What do we know about the author from the first three paragraphs?
    2. (2) When the author first met Fira, she              .
    3. (3) What does the underlined phrase in paragraph 3 mean?
    4. (4) When the author and Fira worked together,.
    5. (5) What did the author learn during her time with Fira?
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