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  • 1. (2021·抚顺) 这将会是多么精彩的一个夏天啊!
  • 1. (2021·抚顺) 在任何游戏中,遵守规则都是必要的。

    It's necessary to ________ in any games.

  • 1. (2021·抚顺) 当她的朋友们在游泳时,她在做什么?
  • 1. (2021·抚顺) 警方在一小时前控制住了糟糕的状况。

    The police________ the terrible situation an hour ago.

  • 1. (2021·黄石) France is ________ European country, and I visited ________ country three years ago.
    A . an; the B . a; the C . an; a D . the; the
  • 1. (2021·黄石) —What were you doing at the time of the rainstorm yesterday?

    —I ________ at the library after school.

    A . read B . was reading C . am reading D . was read
  • 1. (2021·黄石) —How long may I ________ your magazine?

    —For one week. But it mustn't ________ to others.

    A . borrow; lend B . keep; be lent C . lend; be borrowed D . have; lend
  • 1. (2021·黄石) —How often do they stay up late?

    —________. They always go to bed early.

    A . Three times a week B . Almost every day C . Never D . Sometimes
  • 1. (2021·黄石) 根据短文内容,从下列选项中选出适当的句子补全短文,使短文意思通顺,内容完整。

    Everyone has his or her own living habits. Building good living habits is important. Why are some habits better than others? Let's find out.


    Corn, sweet potato, soybean and oats are all coarse food grains (粗粮). Eating coarse food grains is good for your health. They have a lot of dietary fiber (食用纤维). It's good for your stomach. You can cook them in porridge or make drinks with them.

    Why shouldn't we bend our heads for a long time?

    Keeping your head bent down for long is not good for your neck. Why is that? It's because you put too much pressure on your neck. It's like putting two watermelons (about 27 kilograms) on your neck. ________

    Why shouldn't we rub (揉) our eyes?

    Your hands are much dirtier than you think. When you rub your eyes, the bacteria (细菌) on your hands might go into your eyes. ________ Clean them with running water instead.


    After exercising, your skin is sweating (流汗) and your heart is beating fast. A cold-water bath will stimulate (刺激) them too much. ________. You'd better wait for a while until your body cools down. Then you can take a warm-water bath to relax.

    A. Why is a cold-water bath after exercising bad?

    B. You might have neck and shoulder pain by doing that.

    C. It might make you sick.

    D. If something gets in your eyes, do not rub them.

    E. Why do we need to eat coarse food grains?

  • 1. (2021·黄石) 你最好不要在工作日去看他。

    You ________ ________ ________ ________ to visit him on weekdays.

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