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  • 1. (2021·嘉兴) 阅读材料,然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。

    You may study differently from your friends, but your study habits are not wrong!

    Kelly and Maria are best friends with a lot in common. They love doing things together, such as going to movics and concerts, shopping, or just sitting at a small cafe. Since they take a lot of the same school subjects, they would love to study together, but they find this impossible. Their working styles are so completely different that they can't be in the same room while they are studying!

    Kelly would like to study in a clean, open space, while Maria works best with books, papers and other things around her. Kelly prefers to study in a totally silent room, but Maria loves to play music or even have the TV on. Kelly can sit for hours without moving, and often gets all her homework done in one sitting. Maria, however, is always getting up, and says that she thinks best when she's on the move.

    You might be asking yourself which way of studying gets better results? Many people believe that a silent, tidy setting(环境)is the way to go,     ▲   Some research has even shown that outside noise and untidiness help some people focus(聚焦)their attention, because it makes them form a"wall"in their mind around what they are doing and improves their focus.

    So, if you're a student who chooses to study while sitting at a table in a busy shopping center, don't worry about it. If you work in total silence, that's OK, too. Judging from Kelly's and Maria's study habits, the best way to study is the way that works for you. In their very different ways, both of them do well in school, and both finish their work within the required time as well.

    1. (1) Kelly and Maria are mentioned as an example in this passage to___________.
    2. (2) Which of the following is the best to fill in the blank in Paragraph 4?
    3. (3) What can we infer from the last paragraph of this passage?
    4. (4) What can be the best title for the passage?
  • 1. (2021·嘉兴) 下面是电视节目主持人Peter对夏令营Camp X-treme创办人Henry的采访实录。
    1. (1) 请将下面方框中A、B、C三个采访问题填入相应的位置,完成小题。

      Peter: Let's welcome Henry, the camp leader of the most popular summer camp in our city to Peter's Show!

      Henry: Thank you, Peter!

      Peter: Henry, why did you open up a camp?

      Henry: Ten years ago, I spent thrce wecks at a summer camp and had the best time of my life. I remember every day I was there, and I still have friends from then. So, I decided I wanted other children to have the same experience as me.

      Peter: ________

      Henry:Well, after I left school, I worked at a few summer camps. I wasn't a camp leader then and I didn't get any money for it, but I learmed whai a good leader needs to do. So, when I opened my own summer camp seven years ago, I was ready to become a camp leader. Since then I've organized lots of unforgettable activities. The kids love it.

      Peter: ________

      Henry: Actually, it's easy to make such a decision. I will think about what kids want to learn from a summer camp. They want adventure and exciting activities, They want to go home and say"You won't believe what I did!"So, extreme sports were the best idca.

      Peter: ________

      Henry: Kids have been coming to my camp for many years now, and I hardly hear any kids or parents complain(抱怨)。 The only problem I have is when there are too many kids who want to join. I have to tell them to come back the following year. Of course, they aren't very happy with the news.

      A. How long have yow worked as a camp leader?

      B. Have you had any problems since the camp opened?

      C. How did vou decide what kind of camp vou wanted to open?

    2. (2) 假设你对Henry 组织的夏令营感兴趣,请在Camp X-treme的网页上留言,向Henry询问今年夏令营的相关信息(如举办时间、地点或活动内容等)。请咨询一个问题,完成小题。

      Henry, I'd like to enter your Camp X-treme.                   (不超过10个单词)

  • 1. (2021·嘉兴) 阅读下面短文,然后根据括号内所给汉语意思写出单词的正确形式(每空一词)。

    A large store had a big sale day. Ads had been placed in the________(当地的)newspapers several days before. The sales were so good that people rushed to the store that day. The opening time was 9 a.m., but people had got together at the store as________(早地)as 7 a.m. , waiting for the door to open.

    A small man looked at the long line and tricd to make his way to the ________(前面).The crowd became angry and people started shouting at him. They ________(推)him in order to force him back to the end of the line. ________(尽管)the people in the crowd were angry, still the man tried walking to the door a second time. Many people near the door were ________(更强壮的)than him but he still made it.

    "Hey!"someone shouted in the crowd. "Is that you________(又,再)?When will you leam to wait in line?" They got him to the back of the line and three big________(女士) said they would watch him and stop him going forward. "That will make him think twice!" they thought.

    The small man ________(摇动) his head. "This is too much for me to deal with!"he said. He wanted to open the store, but he thought that it would serve these rude ________(顾客) right if he went home and didn't open the store at all that day!

  • 1. (2021·嘉兴) 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入一个适当的词,或填括号中所给单词的正确形式。

    In the past, my old grandmother didn't enjoy talking on the phone. Actually, she hated it so she was always refusing ________(use) it. She told us that she preferred speaking to people in person. It always ________(make) her sad that she couldn't see the person she was talking to. The other day, we chatted with my grandmother ________mentioned video calling over the Internet. It ________(invent)for people to see each other while talking online, Then we came up with ________ idea. We bought her a laptop(笔记本电脑).One of my________ (cousin)went over to her house and taught her how to use it. ________ (lucky), she was a quick learner.

    Now, she enjoys________(her)when talking with us every day. She is happy and you can tell from the expression ________ her face. She says it's also very convenient. She can put it anywhere in the house ________ it is small and doesn't take up much room. Sometimes she even talks to us while she's in the kitchen cooking!

  • 1. (2021·嘉兴) 完形填空。阅读下面短文,然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。

    Last August we were on vacation at Diana's Baths, a place famous for waterfalls.

    Sitting on the rocks with my husband, I watched some parents 1 guarding their kids away from the rocks'edges. I felt glad that our 8-year-old son Wyatt could2himself. Don't get me wrong: I still felt 3as I saw my boy jump between the rocks. "No running, "I said from time to time. "Stay away from the edges. "But I soon 4 , and we were all having fun in the water.

    5, I saw Wyatt sit down between two rocks in the running water, I shouted at him to get out, He shouted back something and then he 6 over the edge.

    "Somebody help my son!" I7, over and over. But I only heard a woman scream, "That 8 just went over the waterfall!" she shouted at her husband: "We are leaving!" They walked away, not even looking back to see whether our child was OK.

    By the time 9climbed down to the rocks below. my husband had pulled Wyatt out of the water with the help of a young woman. She was 10first said. "I'm Lisa, a nurse. I'm not leaving you. "She looked at me 11, as if she were trying to take every bit of energy, 12and strength(力量)in her body and pass it on to me. I held on to that energy like a rope that could

    pull us to 13Wyatt was taken to thc hospital immediately. 14we spent a sleepless night there, we were told Wyatt was going to be OK.

    Meeting Lisa has reminded(提醒)me how we need15from people we don't know. I know we are two strangers who are less strange.

    A . nervously B . carelessly C . excitedly D . hopefully
    A . talk to B . cheer for C . leam from D . look after
    A . lonely B . proud C . worried D . satisfied
    A . left B . relaxed C . shared D . returned
    A . Suddenly B . Finally C . Slowly D . Recently
    A . looked B . came C . rose D . disappeared
    A . suggested B . thought C . replied D . cricd
    A . girl B . boy C . man D . woman
    A . I B . she C . you D . they
    A . teaching B . leaming C . giving D . receiving
    A . secretly B . happily C . deeply D . strangely
    A . success B . health C . value D . love
    A . truth B . safety C . memory D . silence
    A . If B . Unless C . After D . Before
    A . help B . advice C . sense D . experience
  • 1. (2021·嘉兴) 校学生会为即将到来的"健康周"活动策划了两个项目。假设你是学生会成员,请写一篇英语短文,在校英语报上介绍其中一个项目的活动内容及其益处。要点提示如下:


    A School Trip Day

    A Sports Day


    ·fly kites

    ·have a picnic


    ·have ball games

    ·play tug-of-war(拔河)




    ·develop friendship

    ·feel relaxed


    ·develop friendship

    ·keep fit





    During the Health Weck, we will have                                            

  • 1. (2021·嘉兴) 阅读材料,然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。

    The natural world is colorful with humans, plants and animals showing different colors. Human skin can be many different colors and it changes with the sun, our feelings or ourhealth for example. This is because of pigments(色素),which reflect light and make what the eye secs as colors, So. when we fecl excited or angry, our heart can send more blood to the face and the pigments in the skin become red. This is why we have the expression that someone "sces red"when they are angry.

    Plants also have pigments. Color is important for them to live on. The bright colors of flowers catch the attention of insects(昆虫), which then carry their pollen(花粉) from one flower to another. Bees can see colors we cannot, and they follow these to the inside of the flower. Without bees visiting flowers in this way, many plants would die out.

    Animals also use color for their own need. They protect themselves with different colors so as not to be seen by predators. The snowshoe hare for example, a type of wild rabbit, changes color with seasons for this reason. During summer ir is a brown color, and in winter it is white so that it can hide in the snow. However, some animals use color as a warning to make predators stay away. Bright colors such as yellow and red are often used in this way. Nature, however, is very clever, and predators also use colors to attract(吸引) the animals they feed on.

    So, we can see that there may be many different reasons and uses for colors in the natural world. Some uses of color in nature remain unknown, but one thing is for sure, color not only makes our planet beautiful but it is also necessary for our planet to live on.

    1. (1) Paragraph 2 mainly tells us that_______ is/are the cause that makes human skin change color.
    2. (2) According to Paragraph 3, plants can use________ to attract insects.
    3. (3) The underlined word"predators"in Paragraph 4 refers to animals which ____________.
    4. (4) What is the main purpose of the passage?
  • 1. (2021·嘉兴) 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词仅用一次。

    pride    five    lock    absent    connect

    1. (1) It is the________time that I have been to China.
    2. (2) Sandra, remember to________the door when you go out, please!
    3. (3) A good student often________what he is learming with past experiences.
    4. (4) Anna was the________of the school after she won the speech competition.
    5. (5) John has been________from work for two days as he needs to take care of his sick mother.
  • 1. (2021·重庆) 重庆如此美丽,以至于每年都有成千上万的人来参观。 (完成译句)

    Chongqing is ________ beautiful ________ thousands of tourists visit it every year.

  • 1. (2021·重庆) 根据下面短文内容,在短文的空格处填上一个恰当的词,使短文完整、通顺。

    A study has been done at a university. Scientists divided a class into two groups, They made each group take notes ________ different ways. The first group took notes by hand, The second one did it on the computer. The ________ of the study was to find out which method would help the students learn better. The scientists thought Group Two would win. But to their surprise, Group One did a better job. Since you take notes by hand, stick to it!

    Good notes can ________ to less stress (压力) when test time comes around. Then how can you improve your note-taking skill? The following advice can help you.

    Firstly, try to get yourself ready ________ class begins. Be familiar (熟悉的) with the material that you are going to learn. Make sure you have your notebooks and pens on the desk.

    Secondly, take notes wisely while listening in class. Many students become ________ taking notes and they may fail to follow the teacher. So it is important to know when to take notes. And remember to write down the key words and use shorthand (速记法) if necessary.

    Thirdly, check your notes after class. You can add some details (细节) yourself first. If there is still something missing, compare your notes with ________ . Do it with those who take notes carefully. These checks will also ________  your chances of understanding what you've written

    Try the advice above. When you can take notes ________ than before, you will find your lessons easier and more enjoyable.

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