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  • 1. 阅读理解
    Date: December 10, 2016                  Invoice No: D15454978E
    Purchase Order No:8928                   Bill of loading/ Air Waybill No:2309456703W
    Contact name: Dan Richman
    Company name: Scan Technology, Ltd.
    Company address: 2, South Wabash
    Chicago, IL60637
    Telephone number: (1) 319 554 811
    E-mail: danrichman@scantech.com
    CONSIGN EE(收件人)
    Contact name: Lee Haojie
    Company name: First Computers Co.
    Company address: 35 HeDong Road Beijing, China
    Telephone number: (86) 134591102
    E-mail: haojie@first.com.cn
    Goods DescriptionModel numberQuantityCountry of OriginUnit ValueTotal Value
    80211 Handheld
    80211Base Communicator80211831USA$200.00$200.00
    80211 Cables and
    Comments: Mr. Lee, I am able to offer a 8% discount since your total purchase is above $500. We value your business and are looking forward to more opportunities with you.Invoice Sub Total$651.50
    Invoice Total$599.38
    Shipper's signature
    :Dan Richman
    Number of Package1
    Total Weight5.15kg
    From: Lee Haojie
    Subject: Handheld Scanners
        Ms. Hu, I received the parcel from Scan Technology 1 piece. The scanner model they sent is correct, and the quantity is right. However, I've discovered the cables and connectors are all wrong. They are not suitable for the model 8021101.
        Can you do me a small favor and go through the product information website and see if the cables and connectors are still compatible (兼容的)with the 8021101 scanners? I have no wish to unpack the cables and connectors and try connecting them to the scanners. I believe we will have problem asking for an exchange if the cables and connectors are not compatible. If the website suggests an incompatibility, please contact Dan Richman and request an exchange for the collect model. (Refer to the invoice for his e-mail address.)
        I will only use the scanners for our project once we have resolved the exchange issue. We should not proceed unless we get confirmation (证实)on their compatibility. I am looking to resolve this in the shortest possible time as it would be disastrous to wait for this exchange without making progress on the project.
    (1)、Which of the following information is NOT included in the invoice?
    A、The weight of the individual items. B、The sender's address. C、The names of the items sent. D、The consignee's contact number.
    (2)、What can be indicated from the invoice?
    A、Mr. Lee is a regular customer. B、The company only sends shipments to China. C、The company provides a discount on purchases of over $ 500. D、The shipment will arrive at its point of destination on December 10.
    (3)、What is stopping Mr. Lee from opening all the packages?
    A、He wants to send them back. B、He is going to forward them to Ms. Hu. C、He received some items addressed to someone else. D、He wants to double-check on the adaptability of some items.
    (4)、Which of the following does Ms. Hu need to know from the invoice if the cables are found to be incompatible with the scanner?
    A、Model number: 8021101 B、E-mail address: danrichman@scantech.com C、Company address: 35 HeDong Road D、Air Waybill No: 2309456703W
  • 2. 阅读理解
        I stand outside waving at the car pulling slowly out of our driveway. I force a smile, hoping it will cover up my tearing eyes, but I know it's not working. I run into the house, slam the door behind me, and begin crying. It's just occurred to me that I can't see my elder sister, Monsura, in the next four months.
        I ask myself why it is that I'm crying when I know she's doing something good for herself. I feel selfish for thinking about it but I'd be lying if I said I was happy for her choosing to study in a university in Boston. When my brother, Shafat, left for college, it was different. I still had one sibling at home to call me the stupidest person on a daily basis.
        I am reminded of the things we did together as kids. In our old two-bed-room apartment, our parents gave in to our constant begging and traded rooms with us for one night. It was like being part of the amusement park, using our parents' big bed as a trampoline (蹦床).It was during the first night that I witnessed a full moon. My sister and I believed my brother. He said that the moon was yellow because it was made from cheese. We made plans to visit the moon so we could melt a part of it and make cheese dip. But now I laugh at myself for being so innocent.
        Sitting in front of my computer, I listen to songs that remind me of my two best friends. I come to terms with the fact that there's no longer anyone here to laugh uncontrollably with me or to turn to at night when I have a nightmare.
        I'm shaken into reality by the sound of my cell phone ringing. Shafat is calling. I pick up and he immediately says “Thank you for such a great childhood.'' Those few words mean the world to me. We three-way call Monsura and spend the next hour reliving memory after memory, and by the end, I forget that I'm alone at home.
    (1)、Why does the writer feel very sad?
    A、She isn't admitted to a university. B、She has no one to accompany her at home. C、Monsura thinks she is stupid. D、Monsura and Shafat didn't go to the same college.
    (2)、The kids traded rooms with their parents because    .
    A、they hoped to sleep in one room B、they expected to see a fall moon C、they could play together on their parents' bed D、they wanted to make plans to visit the moon
    (3)、What is the turning point of the story?
    A、That the writer's brother left home for college. B、That the writer cried hard on the day when Monsura left. C、That the writer listened to songs that remind her of something. D、That the writer talked with her sister and brother on the phone,
    (4)、What might be the best title for the passage?
    A、My childhood B、A very sad day C、A hard-won family union D、The most precious family love
  • 3. 阅读理解
        Vitamin B could help reduce the effects of the dangerous type of air pollution, according to a new study published on Monday. In the first study of its kind, a team of international researchers looked into the damage caused by one of the pollutants that have the severest impact on health—PM2.5.
        They found that Vitamin B supplement could effectively reduce the impact of the tiny particles     (颗粒)on the human body, although they stressed that the research was in its early stages. According to the WHO, 92% of the world's people are living in places where the PM2.5 level goes beyond the recommended level. So it's urgent to find a solution to the problem.
        According to this study, published in the PNAS, 10 volunteers were initially exposed to clean air and given a placebo (安慰剂)to check their baseline responses. The group then kept on taking placebos tor tour weeks before being exposed to heavily polluted air from downtown Toronto, where an estimated 1,000 cars passed every hour. The bad air was delivered to the volunteers through an "oxygen type" face mask. The experiment was then repeated, with each volunteer taking a Vitamin B supplement daily, made up of 2.5mg of folic acid, 50mg of Vitamin B6, and l mg of Vitamin B12.
        Vitamin B6 can be found in liver, chicken, nuts and other things, and Vitamin B12 in fish, meat, eggs, milk and some cereals. The researchers found that four weeks of Vitamin B supplements — the damage of PM2.5 effects by 28-76%. The results emphasized how prevention at an individual level could be used to fight against the damage of PM2.5, the researchers said.
    (1)、What's the newly discovered effect of Vitamin B in Paragraph 1?
    A、It can be used to replace other vitamins in our daily life. B、It can help lower the air pollution level in the open air. C、It can reduce the impact of PM2.5 on human bodies. D、It can get rid of the pollutants remaining in our body.
    (2)、What can be learned from the second paragraph?
    A、Further study about the effect of Vitamin B needs to be done. B、Vitamin B is the most important to human's health. C、The tiny particles in the air are made up of PM2.5. D、92% of the world's people are affected by PM2.5.
    (3)、How did researchers draw the new conclusion about Vitamin B?
    A、By referring to a journal. B、By performing experiments. C、By interviewing scientists. D、By comparing vitamins.
    (4)、You may read the passage on a website about          .
    A、environment B、medicine C、education D、health
  • 4. 阅读理解
        What makes a person a giver or a taker? The idea of “give versus take” takes shape in all relationships of our lives. We're either giving advice, making time for people, or we're on the receiving end. We alternate between the two based on different situations we face on a daily basis, it not an hourly one.
        According to Adam Grant, a professor at Pennsylvania University, most people are matchers. They make careful observations on takers and make it a point for them to pay something back. They hate to see people who act so generously towards others without receiving any reward. Actually, most matchers will try to promote and support givers so that they can get the good they deserve.
        Another professor named Hannah Rile Bowles, from Harvard University, led a study on the idea. She asked 200 senior managers to sit down in pairs where one person would act as the boss and the other as an employee to negotiate salary promotions. Male employees asked for an average salary of $146 k while the females asked for only $141 k. But why did they not bargain as hard as the men? Simply because they were more likely to be givers.
        As a woman, I do enjoy the act of giving up my time, my knowledge and my care and attention to others. I don't expect anything in return, but I do tend to pull myself away when I feel like I'm being taken for granted. I also tend to get upset when I see a loved one's continuous actions of kindness go unnoticed. So it's safe to say I'm 50% giver,35% matcher and 15% taker.
        I do know someone, however, who is 99% giver. They're devoting their time, sharing valuable insights and going out of their way for everyone who crosses their path. Although they've changed the lives of many people, they rarely see any of it returned. But the universe is slowly repaying them; they're now extremely successful, well known for what they do.
    (1)、In Adam Grant's opinion, most people      .
    A、prefer giving to taking B、prefer taking to giving C、tend to depend on others D、tend to balance between giving and taking
    (2)、What does the underlined part in Paragraph 4 most probably mean?
    A、Cheer myself up. B、Give up on myself. C、Stay away deliberately. D、Force myself to move forward.
    (3)、What can be inferred from the last paragraph?
    A、No good deed goes undone. B、People who give are worth respecting. C、Giving is the shortest path to success. D、Sharing is the greatest human quality.


  • 5. 完形填空
        The Cost of Dishonesty
        David began studying in Germany two years ago. The college was a little 1 from where he lived, so he had to take the 2 every day. This clever student soon found it was easy to 3 buying subway tickets, so he often went and returned 4 a ticket to save money. As a result, he had been caught with no ticket in the subway four times 5 he never took them to 6 . He thought what he should pay 7 attention to was his study. He did work very hard in the last two years and graduated with 8 academic achievements a month ago. Everyone, 9 himself, thought he would get a good job easily in 10 and had a bright future. He went to a big local company 11 . But to his 12 , he was not even allowed his chance for a/an 13 ! He then went to another famous company, only to receive the same 14 . When he was 15 a third time, he 16 help telephoning the company to ask why they didn't want him. The answer was simple, “We don't offer jobs to 17 people in Germany!”
        We may get short-term 18 by dishonest means, but the truth will come out  19 and the cost is high. So remember, honesty is the best 20 .
    A、near B、away C、far D、close
    A、bus B、car C、vehicle D、subway
    A、skip B、miss C、flee D、forget
    A、for B、without C、by D、with
    A、while B、although C、but D、because
    A、heart B、mind C、soul D、spirit
    A、much B、more C、less D、little
    A、exciting B、depressing C、shocking D、amazing
    A、regarding B、including C、considering D、concerning
    A、America B、China C、Germany D、Britain
    A、confidently B、fortunately C、nervously D、willingly
    A、surprise B、excitement C、delight D、disappointment
    A、interview B、exam C、conversation D、meeting
    A、achievement B、treatment C、argument D、improvement
    A、turned down B、turned over C、turned up D、turned off
    A、wouldn't B、shouldn't C、couldn't D、mustn't
    A、immature B、dissatisfied C、dishonest D、unconfident
    A、benefits B、impression C、profits D、harm
    A、on time B、in time C、at times D、in no time
    A、direction B、advice C、suggestion D、policy


  • 6. 七选五
        Imagine looking out of your window and seeing a whale swim by. That's the sight that surprises New York City residents recently. In the past years, humpback whales have been spotted in the two rivers surrounding the island of Manhattan, the Hudson River and the East River,
        Experts say that river cleanup efforts have improved water quality and led to an increase in the number of fish there. Fish are on the humpback's menu.The sighting is also an encouraging sign that conservation efforts are helping humpback whales come back. In 1973, the species was listed as the endangered. Now scientists say humpback whales are making a comeback.
        By the middle of the 20th century, hunting whales for profit had nearly wiped out many whale species. In 1973, the U.S. set up the Endangered Species Act. People were no longer allowed to hunt them in the U.S. waters. In 1982, the International Whaling is illegal worldwide. Last September, it was announced that nine groups of humpback whales are no longer endangered. Four groups are still endangered and a fifth is threatened.
         The number of them is growing particularly faster in the Southern Hemisphere like Tasman Sea and Coral Sea. And the number of humpback whales in Hawaii has made an amazing recovery. In 1966, there were fewer than 1,500 humpbacks there. Today there are about 10,000. But humpbacks in other parts of the world are still struggling.
        “We still have a lot of work to do,” says Angela Somma, head of NOAAS Fisheries' endangered species division. "But with the right protection, the number of humpback whales should continue to grow.
    A. These efforts to save whales are paying off.
    B. People are frightened when seeing whales in the river.
    C. Last year, one even swam past where the mayor lives.
    D. Today there are about 100,000 humpback whales worldwide.
    E. The extra food in the rivers is mainly what's attracting the whales.
    F. Scientists have carried out further research on the number of the whales.
    G. Scientists say that the focus needs to be on the whales that are still struggling.


  • 7. 短文填空
        Life skill is one of the most important, (factor) to support students. Therefore, some people hold the idea  unpaid community work should be a compulsory part of high school programs to help students gain life skills and knowledge. And there are a lot of high schools (perform) some programs like that. (person), I think those programs are very good because they help students to get the opportunity  (see) and experience different aspects of life.
        Instead of watching TV or playing games on the computer at home, students will accumulate a lot of useful experience and knowledge  working in the community. Through some activities like that, students will become creative and active since they  (know) how to communicate and keep a good relationship with other people. Especially, in the future, some experiences from participating in community organizations will be very  (value) because it is a vital part in CV when students want to apply for a job.
        To sum up, it will be good idea for students to carry out unpaid community service in high schools. These programs will improve students' life skills and  (they) understanding of life.


  • 8. 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。
        There are many ways you can show respect to others. In some cases, what you should do is listen patient when someone is speaking, even if you have anything important to say. Some other ways you can show respect includes the following ones. Take a care of borrowed things. When you borrow something but take good care of it, the person you borrowed it will surely appreciate it. Be polite, follow the rules, and practicing good manner. Clean up the mess you have made. If you don't clean up by yourself when you make a mess, someone else will have to. This can make people frustrating.


  • 9. 假如你是李华,昨天收到某报社编辑王先生的邮件,得知自己在本报社主办的英语征文大赛中获得了一等奖,他代表报社邀请你参加今年八月份举办的英语夏令营。
    Dear Mr.Wang,
    Yours sincerely,
    Li Hua