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  • 1. (2018•江苏) Kids shouldn't have access to violent films because they might _______ the things they see.
    A、indicate B、investigate C、imitate D、innovate
  • 2. (2018•江苏)I was sent to the village last month to see how the development plan _______ in the past two years.
    A、had been carried out B、would be carried out C、is being carried out D、has been carried out
  • 3. (2018•江苏)China's soft power grows _______ the increasing appreciation and understanding of China globally.
    A、in line with B、in reply to C、in return for D、in honour of
  • 4. (2018•江苏)Hopefully in 2025 we will no longer be e-mailing each other, for we _______ more convenient electronic communication tools by then.
    A、have developed B、had developed C、will have developed D、developed
  • 5. (2018•江苏)Try to understand what's actually happening instead of acting on the _______ you've made.
    A、assignment B、association C、acquisition D、assumption
  • 6. (2018•江苏)Around 13,500 new jobs were created during the period, _______ the expected number of 12,000 held by market analysts.
    A、having exceeded B、to exceed C、exceeded D、exceeding
  • 7. (2018•江苏) Developing the Yangtze River Economic Belt is a systematic project which _______ a clear road map and timetable.
    A、calls for B、calls on C、calls off D、calls up
  • 8. (2018•江苏)Despite the poor service of the hotel, the manager is _______ to invest in sufficient training for his staff.   
    A、keen B、reluctant C、anxious D、ready
  • 9. (2018•北京)China's high-speed railways _________ from 9,000 to 25,000 kilometers in the past few years.
    A、are growing B、have grown C、will grow D、had grown
  • 10. (2018•北京)Susan had quit her well-paid job and _________ as a volunteer in the neighborhood when I visited her last year.
    A、is working B、was working C、has worked D、had worked
  • 11. (2018•北京)A rescue worker risked his life saving two tourists who _________ in the mountains for two days.
    A、are trapping B、have been trapped C、were trapping D、had been trapped
  • 12. (2018•北京)_________ along the old Silk Road is an interesting and rewarding experience.
    A、Travel B、Traveling C、Having traveled D、Traveled
  • 13. (2018•北京)Ordinary soap, _________ correctly, can deal with bacteria effectively.
    A、used B、to use C、using D、use
  • 14. (2018•北京)In today's information age, the loss of data _________ cause serious problems for a company.
    A、need B、should C、can D、must
  • 15. (2018•北京)—Hi, I'm Peter. Are you new here? I haven't seen you around?

    —Hello, Peter. I'm Bob. I just _________ on Monday.

    A、start B、have started C、started D、had started
  • 16. (2018•北京)During the Mid-Autumn Festival, family members often gather together _________ a meal, admire the moon and enjoy moon cakes.
    A、share B、to share C、having shared D、shared
  • 17. (2018•北京)—Good morning, Mr. Lee's office.

    —Good morning. I'd like to make an appointment _________ next Wednesday afternoon.

    A、for B、on C、in D、at
  • 18. (2018•天津)At first Robert wouldn't let his daughter go diving, but eventually he___________ as she was so confidence about her skills.
    A、gave in B、dressed up C、broke in D、turned up
  • 19. (2018•天津)I need a new passport so I will have to have my photograph___________.
    A、taking B、taken C、being taken D、take
  • 20. (2018•天津)I can't find my purse. I___________ it in the supermarket yesterday, but I'm not sure.
    A、should leave B、must have left C、might leave D、could have left
  • 21. (2018•天津)My washing machine ___________this week, so I have to wash my clothes by hand.
    A、was repaired B、is repaired C、is being repaired D、has been repaired
  • 22. (2018•天津)The__________ that there is life on other planets in the universe has always inspired scientists to explore the outer space.
    A、advice B、order C、possibility D、invitation
  • 23. (2018•天津)It took him a long time to___________ the skills he needed to become a good dancer.
    A、display B、acquire C、teach D、test
  • 24. (2018•天津)Bob thought he couldn't go to the party because he had to write a report, but he went ___________.
    A、at first B、after all C、above all D、at random
  • 25. (2018•天津)I didn't mean ___________anything but the ice cream looked so good that I couldn't help_______ it.
    A、to eat;to try B、eating;trying C、eating;to try D、to eat; trying
  • 26. (2017•北京) Many people who live along the coast make a living _______ fishing industry.

    A、at B、in C、on D、by
  • 27. (2017•北京)People______better access to health care than they used to,and they're living longer as result.

    A、will have B、have C、had D、had had
  • 28. (2017•北京)In the 1950s in the USA, most families had just one phone at home, and wireless phones _______ yet.

    A、haven't invented B、haven't been invented   C、hadn't invented D、hadn't been invented
  • 29. (2017•北京)Many airlines now allow passengers to print their boarding passes online ______ their valuable time.

    A、save B、saving C、to save D、saved
  • 30. (2017•北京)The national park has a large collection of wildlife, _________ from butterflies to elephants.

    A、ranging B、range C、to range D、ranged
  • 31. (2017•北京)—______ that company to see how they think of our product yesterday?

    —Yes. They are happy with it.

    A、Did you call B、Have you called C、Will you call D、Were you calling
  • 32. (2017•北京) Samuel, the tallest boy in our class, ______ easily reach the books on the top shelf.

    A、must B、should C、can D、need
  • 33. (2017•江苏)A quick review of successes and failures at the end of year will help _________your year ahead.

    A、shape B、switch C、stretch D、sharpen
  • 34. (2017•江苏)He's been informed that he _________for the scholarship because of his academic background.

    A、hasn't qualified B、hadn't qualified C、doesn't qualify D、wasn't qualifying
  • 35. (2017•江苏)Only five years after Steve Jobs' death ,smart –phones defeated _________PCs in sales.

    A、controversial B、contractory C、confidential D、conventional 
  • 36. (2017•江苏)Determining where we are _________our surroundings remains an essential skill for our survival.

    A、in contrast to B、in defense of C、in face of D、in relation to
  • 37. (2017•江苏)The disappearance of dinosaurs is not necessarily caused by astronomical incidents .But _________explanations

    are hard to find .

    A、alternative B、aggressive C、ambiguous D、apparent
  • 38. (2017•江苏)Working with the medical team in Africa has_________the best in her as a doctor.

    A、held out B、brought out C、picked out D、given out
  • 39. (2017•江苏)The publication of Great Expectations,which_________both widely reviewed and highly praised,strengthened Dickens' status as a leading novelist.
    A、is B、are C、was D、were
  • 40. (2017•江苏)He hurried home,never once looking back to see if he_________.

    A、was being followed B、was following C、had been followed D、followed
  • 41. (2017•江苏)Many Chinese brands, __________their reputations over centuries,are facing new challenges from the modern market.

    A、having developed B、being developed C、developed D、developing
  • 42. (2017•天津) Mr. and Mrs. Brown would like to see their daughter _____, get married, and have kids.

    A、settle down B、keep off C、get up D、cut in
  • 43. (2017•天津) When you drive through the Redwood Forests in California, you will be _____ trees that are over 1,000 years old.

    A、among B、against C、behind D、below
  • 44. (2017•天津)We offer an excellent education to our students. ________, we expect students to work hard.

    A、On average B、At best C、in return D、After all
  • 45. (2017•天津) My room is a mess, but I __________clean it before I go out tonight. I can do it in the morning.

    A、daren't B、shouldn't C、needn't D、mustn't
  • 46. (2017•天津) —I want to see Mr. White. We have an appointment.

    —I'm sorry, but he is not ________ at the moment, for the meeting hasn't ended.

    A、busy B、active C、concerned D、available
  • 47. (2017•天津) I was watching the clock all through the meeting, as I had a train ______.

    A、catching B、caught C、to catch D、to be caught
  • 48. (2017•天津) I ________down to London when I suddenly found that I was on the wrong road.

    A、was driving B、have driven C、would drive D、drove
  • 49. (2017•天津)The hospital has recently obtained new medical equipment, _____ more patients to be treated.

    A、being allowed B、allowing C、having allowed D、allowed
  • 50. (2017•天津) Nowadays, cycling, along with jogging and swimming, _______ as one of the best all-round forms of exercise.

    A、regard B、is regarded C、are regarded D、regards