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  • 1. I hold to my belief ______ development shouldn't be at the cost of the environment.
    A、that B、which C、what D、who
  • 2. You said you hadn't broken the window, then who ______.
    A、was blamed B、was to be blamed C、would be blamed D、was to blame
  • 3. The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanket ______ the desert.
    A、covered B、covering C、to cover D、cover
  • 4. —It's many years since I saw you last; I ______ you at all.

    —I wouldn't have, either, if someone ______ you by the name.

    A、haven't recognized; didn't call B、didn't recognize; didn't call C、didn't recognize; hadn't called D、recognized; had called
  • 5. I'm a little nervous. My paper hasn't been finished, but time is ______.
    A、running out B、going out C、giving out D、working out
  • 6. The woman was so ______ that even the clicking sound of the mouse upset her.
    A、sensitive B、absurd C、economic D、guilty
  • 7. ______ English can be difficult to learn, it is a very useful tool for communication.
    A、How B、When C、Where D、While
  • 8. The carbon we produce when we breathe is much less than ______ produced by a car.
    A、it B、one C、that D、which
  • 9. With a large amount of work ______, the chief manager couldn't spare time for a holiday.
    A、remained to be done B、remained being done C、remaining to be done D、remaining to do
  • 10. I asked her if she would attend Barbara's party to be held the next week, but she made no ______.
    A、response B、explanation C、concept D、affection
  • 11. The new iphone is very easy ______. Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes.
    A、to operate B、to be operated C、operated D、operating
  • 12. It is known to all that there is ______ as a free lunch.
    A、no such a thing B、no such thing C、such nothing D、no such things
  • 13. ______ his hard work, he was eventually admitted to Nanjing University.
    A、Regardless of B、As a consequence of C、In favor of D、In charge of
  • 14. Much to our excitement, our monitor managed to ______ his injury to get to the finishing line.
    A、appreciate B、consume C、overcome D、pretend
  • 15. —How many times you have told me that you will stop playing games.

    —Well, ______.

    A、great minds think alike B、practice makes perfect C、it is no use crying over spilt milk D、easier said than done


  • 16. 请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

        When Thomas Moore, 11, stepped up to the plate (棒球比赛中的本垒板) at Oriole Park at Camden Yard in Baltimore, the crowd went wild. It was the biggest applause(掌声) the park had ever heard for a 1 baseball player.

        "I was very 2. I didn't know that was going to happen," says Moore.

        What happened was that the Baltimore Orioles (金莺队) and their fans were recognizing Moore 3 a hero for something he did that nobody in the city ever 4. After seeing a picture of a young cancer 5 on social media, Moore let his hair grow for two and a half years. Then he donated his hair and helped provide wigs (假发) for three kids 6 cancer through having chemotherapy.

        This7boy had no idea what was waiting to happen to him 8 he decided on his act of kindness. "I just thought I got 9 to an Orioles game," he says.

        Moore is one of just 50 heroes recognized by the team-and the one 10has so far inspired the biggest reaction. He waved and smiled when he was 11 on the big screen, and he enjoyed being 12by strangers. Just as exciting: before the game, he had the 13 to talk to Orioles star Adam Jones.

        "We talked about my hair 14," Moore says. "I felt even more proud of myself. And I was already proud."

        Jones said that Moore was a role 15 for other kids.

        Besides meeting one of his heroes, Moore got to meet someone who 16 him as a hero, Mo Gaba, an 11-year-old who is fighting cancer and 17 from one of Moore's wigs. Baltimore's radio listening community has helped 18 more than US$33,000 on the Internet to help with Gaba's medical care. His cancer 19haven't broken his spirit or affected his 20 for the game.

    A、ten B、teen C、ten years old D、teens
    A、frightened B、surprised C、amused D、gifted
    A、for B、of C、as D、in
    A、absorb B、adopt C、forgive D、forget
    A、patient B、doctor C、comedian D、performer
    A、polishing B、performing C、strengthening D、fighting
    A、athletic B、selfless C、greedy D、hopeless
    A、unless B、because C、when D、until
    A、impressed B、measured C、inserted D、invited
    A、who B、whom C、which D、where
    A、consumed B、arrested C、betrayed D、shown
    A、confirmed B、greeted C、frightened D、instructed
    A、risk B、attitude C、chance D、right
    A、pollution B、affection C、donation D、consideration
    A、example B、model C、style D、credit
    A、looks up to B、looks down upon C、looks forward to D、looks into
    A、suffered B、differed C、learned D、benefited
    A、borrow B、decrease C、raise D、earn
    A、treatments B、agreements C、amusements D、commitments
    A、consequence B、anxiety C、love D、mercy


  • 17. 阅读理解

        Maria Sibylla Merian

        Today, children can happily explain how a caterpillar (毛毛虫) turns into a butterfly, thanks to Maria Sibylla Merian. Born in Germany in 1647, Merian was fond of insects, and she began collecting, studying and drawing them when she was as young as 13. It was through her study of caterpillar that she discovered the truth about their life cycles, and she went on to publish two volumes of naturalist research about the life cycles of insects.

        Ada Lovelace

        Ada Lovelace, born in 1815, was the daughter of famous British poet Lord Byron, but she wasn't a poet herself. She was the world's first computer programmer. Lovelace wrote some suggestions as to how to program “computing machines” to calculate a specific sequence of numbers. Besides this, she predicted them to do everything that could possibly be represented by a series of numbers, from producing images to composing music.

        Hedy Lamarr

        She was born in 1914 in Austria and moved to the United States in the hope of going after a film career. In 1942, in the midst of her Hollywood success, she and composer George Antheil received a patent for a device that could change radio signal frequencies. The purpose of the technology was to keep military enemies—especially, the Nazis --from decoding (解码) messages. But it did more than that--it paved the way for much of the wireless technology we use today.

    (1)、What was Maria Sibylla Merian's achievement?
    A、She became the world's first woman naturist. B、She drew all kinds of insects when she was 13. C、She discovered the truth about butterflies' cycles. D、She invented a device that could change radio signal frequencies.
    (2)、What can we learn about Hedy Lamarr from the passage?
    A、She was gifted in composing music. B、She shared a patent with another person. C、She was a computer programmer during World War Ⅱ. D、She was born in Germany and moved to the United States.
    (3)、What did these women have in common?
    A、They had affection for insects. B、They were famous computer progarmmers. C、They were born in Germany and moved to the USA D、They were all great women that we might not learn about in history class.
  • 18. 阅读理解

        The other day I heard a few local musicians talking:

        "I hate all the terrible pianos in this town. I hate that rubbish they play on the radio. They can't even understand a bit of music."

        " I'm never playing in that club again. Too many drunks and nobody listens to us."

        But one younger musician said, "There are a few clubs that book my band a few nights a month, and I'm trying to find other places to play. I'm also looking to book a few summer festivals this year."

        I've heard that you are the average of the five people whom you spend the most time with, or to put it another way, you are who your friends are.

        Attitudes are important. Whether they're positive or negative, they're rubbing off on you. If you're around people who complain about lack of work and about other musicians, or blame others, and you play the role of victim, chances are you'll start to as well. So it's time to take a look at the people you call "friends".

        This is an easy exercise: Make a list of the people who you hang out with, and simply stop spending time with the negative people on your list. Set a new standard for yourself and don't become friends with people who fall below that standard.

        Keep successful people around you and your own chances for success will be much better. Ask them how they do it. Ask if they will help you get the work you're looking for, or maybe give you some advice to help you on your career path.

    (1)、The musicians' words at the beginning are written mainly to show ______.
    A、the musicians have a bad life B、people have poor taste in music C、people have different attitudes towards the same thing D、young people have greater chances of succeeding
    (2)、The underlined sentence "they're rubbing off on you" in Paragraph 6 means ______.
    A、they'll push you ahead B、they'll influence you C、they'll discover your shortcomings D、they'll help you achieve your goal
    (3)、From Paragraph 7, we can ______.
    A、make more friends B、know the right way of making friends C、develop a better relationship with our friends D、arrange the time with our friends properly
    (4)、Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?
    A、You are who your friends are B、True friends have hearts that beat as one C、A friend in need is a friend indeed D、Friends are thieves of time
  • 19. 阅读理解

        China will build a comprehensive (综合性的) network to detect (检测) pollution of the land, sea and air by 2020, employing satellites, drones(无人机)and remote sensors to monitor the environment.

        The national leadership agreed to the network plan in July, saying the government will lead the monitoring, share information among departments and regions, and be held accountable (追究责任) if violations (违规行为) are found, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Tuesday.

        Satellites, a major tool for monitoring air pollution, will receive a boost (大力发展)  this year. The ministry said it will accelerate research on two atmospheric environmental monitoring satellites.

        The ministry will improve a remote sensor network, guided by the goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), which is scheduled to be released at the end of this year, according to the ministry's Environmental Supervision Department.

        Remote monitoring has played a bigger role in locating pollution sources. Drones helped authorities locate polluted areas in the Tengger Desert in northern China and identify scattered summer straw burnings.

        Hebei province, which has a serious air pollution problem, has cooperated with the ministry's Satellite Environment Center to conduct monitoring from satellites and monitoring stations since January last year.

        "We used the data from the center's satellites to forecast the movement of smog during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in November, "Zhang Feng, an engineer in the Environmental Supervision Department of the provincial environmental watchdog, said on Tuesday.

        Data collected from monitoring stations helped authorities provide accurate forecasts on hazy days during that period, he said.

    (1)、Which of the following is true?
    A、The government will act as the leader in the monitoring. B、The 13th Five-Year Plan is to be released by the Satellite Environment Centre. C、Satellites haven't been put into use so far in environmental protection. D、Remote monitoring hasn't shown its advantages.
    (2)、What does the underlined word "accelerate" in Para. 3 mean?
    A、avoid B、improve C、achieve D、awake
    (3)、What's the main idea of the passage?
    A、China pays more attention to pollution. B、Pollution is becoming more and more serious in China. C、High-tech is used to monitor pollution in China. D、Satellites have been widely used in China.
  • 20. 阅读理解

        China is fondly remembering one of its most famous radio voices, a man whose vivid storytelling was a comfort to millions of people, from commuters stuck in traffic to restless teens struggling to sleep. Shan Tianfang, was a leading performer of the traditional Chinese art form pingshu, which translates as "storytelling".

        Pingshu dates from the Song Dynasty (AD960-1279) when performers would entertain villagers by telling stories in a particularly emotive style. It remains particularly popular in north-eastern China. Performers wear traditional dress and use very basic props - often a folded fan and a gavel. Pingshu is sometimes performed in tea houses and small theatres, but many Chinese associate the art form with radio. And in a country where sleeping problems are commonplace, pingshu is still popular as a way of helping people to wind down at bedtime.

        Shan Tianfang was born in 1934 in Yingkou, in north-eastern Liaoning province. His family introduced him to folk arts from a young age and he began learning pingshu when he was 19. He became known in Liaoning for his work on stage and in local teahouses during the 1950s and 1960s, and performed in an art troupe around the region. From 1966-1976, Shan, along with other pingshu performers like Yuan Kuocheng, was forced to stop work. During the 1980s.Shan made the transition (转型) to state-run radio, and his captivating storytelling became comfort listening for people across the country. By the 1990s, Shan had become a well-known face on state TV, even performing in the annual Spring Festival Gala show. He has died aged 84 following a long illness.

        Shan performed over 12,000 stories on TV and radio. His stories attracted people of all ages. One of his most acclaimed performances is of the Heroes in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. He gave countless performances of the “Four Classic Novels” (Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Dream of the Red Chamber and Water Margin) and also helped to bring lesser-known classical Chinese literature to new audiences.

        He was able to use the medium to entrance his audience and in the process he helped to popularise classical Chinese literature. As film director Zhang Jizhong told the Global Times newspaper: “He could describe a scene and a character extremely vividly. He once had a long talk with me about adapting the heroic stories he told into films or television shows to help promote Chinese classics and traditional culture.”

        But in his later years, the growth of online and digital media exposed the challenges of keeping his art form alive. Shan turned his efforts towards writing books and opening performance schools to teach pingshu to young people. They included the Shan Tianfang Culture and Media Academy in Beijing, a Shan Tianfang teahouse and “storytelling base” in Anshan in Liaoning province. Meanwhile, modern productions of pingshu reference (引用,参照) contemporary  (现代的) culture to draw in new performers and audiences. Performers like Guo Heming have emerged, putting a modern spin on pingshu by adapting popular works, including the Harry Potter stories.

        Although he wasn't particularly active on social media, he amassed more than one million fans on the Sina Weibo platform.

    A memorial was held for him on 15 September but millions of Chinese will miss his voice.

    (1)、From the first paragraph, we know that ______.
    A、Shan Tianfang has a sound voice B、Shan Tianfang often helps the people who got caught in traffic C、Shan Tianfang is famous for storytelling on the radio D、Shan Tianfang gives medicine to teenagers who have trouble sleeping
    (2)、The second paragraphs tells us that pingshu ______.
    A、is particularly popular in the east of China B、is still a way to help people struggling to sleep C、performers wear traditional dress and use a huge hammer D、is usually performed in tea houses and theatres
    (3)、The third paragraph is developed ______.
    A、in order of place B、in order of time C、by giving examples D、by making comparisons
    (4)、Besides the performance of the Heroes in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Shan ______.
    A、adapted the Harry Potter stories B、was particularly active on the Sina Weibo platform C、founded the Shan Tianfang Culture and Media Academay in his home town D、brought the “Four Classic Novels” to new audiences
    (5)、What can we infer from the passage?
    A、Shan made great contributions to spreading Chinese culture B、Yuan Kuocheng, Zhang Jizhong and Guo Heming are pingshu performers. C、Shan has passed away, and so have his voice and his works D、The growth of online and digital media helps pingshu develop quickly.


  • 21. 请阅读短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词。注意:每个空格只填一个单词。

        Why Is Recycling Important?

        When you throw things away, you might be very glad to do it. Unfortunately, that's not the end of the story. The things we throw away have to go somewhere-usually they go off to be buried underground in a landfill (垃圾填埋) or burnt in an incinerator (焚化炉). Landfills can be terribly polluting. They look awful, they smell terrible, they take up space that could be used for better things, and they sometimes create harmful soil and water pollution that can kill fish in our rivers and seas.

        One of the worst things about landfills is that they're wasting a huge amount of useful material. It takes a lot of energy and a lot of resources to make things, and when we throw those things in a landfill, at the end of their lives, we're also saying goodbye to all the energy and resources instead of burying it in landfills. That certainly has advantages: it reduces the amount of waste that has to be buried and we can get useful energy from it. But it can also produce harmful air pollution, and burning almost anything adds to the problem of global warming and climate change.

        The trouble is, we're all in the habit of throwing things away. In the early part of 20th century, people used materials much more wisely-especially in World War Ⅱ, but in recent decades we've become a throwaway society. We tend to buy new things instead of getting old ones repaired. A lot of men use single-use razors (剃须刀), for example, instead of buying reusable ones, while a lot of women wear single-use stockings. Partly this is to do with the great convenience of throwaway items. It's also because they're cheap. But wasteful period in our history is coming to an end.

        We're finally starting to realize that our lifestyle is creating problems for future generations. Earth is soon going to be running on empty if we carry on as we are. Americans have a much richer life than almost anyone else on Earth. What happens when people in developing countries such as India and China decide they want to live the same way as us? According to the environmentalists, we'd need two Earths to satisfy all their needs.

    Why Is Recycling Important

    Ways to deal

    with rubbish

    •Bury rubbish underground in a land fill.

    rubbish in an incinerator.

    Disadvantages of the landfill

    •It looks terrible and smells bad.

    •It too much space which could be put to better use.

    •It pollutes soil and water.

    •Large amounts of materials are wasted.

    The advantages


    disadvantages of

    burning rubbish

    •The waste that needs to be buried is after burning.

    •It can useful energy.

    •It causes air pollution.

    •It has a bad on global warming and climate change.

    The problem

    •People are used to things away.

    •Both men and women prefer single-use products because they are and more convenient.

    The writer's concern

    •The lifestyle of Americans now will create a for future generation.

    •If people all over the world their lives in the same way as Americans, the Earth will be ruined very quickly.


  • 22. 当今克隆人的观点在世界上引发了广泛的关注,对此人们褒贬不一。请根据下面表格中的内容,写一篇英语短文。














        Nowadays the idea of cloning humans has raised concern internationally.