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  • 1. ________ the oil under the sea, the company has raised ample funds to develop petroleum exploration equipment.
    A、Exploiting B、Having exploited C、To exploit D、Exploited
  • 2. Besides ________ to Harvard University, he also received scholarship from Hong Kong University yesterday.
    A、being admitted B、admitted C、having admitted D、to be admitted
  • 3. Artificial Intelligence         as an academic in 1956 has developed rapidly in the world.
    A、founding B、to found C、founded D、having founded
  • 4. One of the programmes organized by WPF is Food-for-Growth programme, ______ people at risk.
    A、targeting B、targeted C、targeting at D、targets
  • 5.        that it was going to rain, James took a raincoat with him.
    A、Seeing B、Saw C、Seen D、To see
  • 6.      its suicide rate double in less than a decade, the country will also set up more counseling centers and try to increase awareness of the risks of depression.
    A、Having seen B、Seeing C、To see D、Seen
  • 7. A new bridge has been built in recent years, only       it much easier for cars to reach the hotel on the mountain top.
    A、having made B、making C、to make D、to have made
  • 8. Singaporean singer and songwriter Tanya Chua has recently signed on with the Universal Music Record Company,     the company will help her     a new start for her exploration in the world of music.
    A、being hoped; carry off B、hoped; pay off C、hoping; kick off D、to hope; cut off
  • 9. The country's chief exports are coal, cars and cotton goods, cars_____ the most important of these.
    A、have been B、are C、being D、are being
  • 10. While China     an anti-terrorist security network, the nation still needs to prepare its people     the war on terror, therefore     its powerful weapon.
    A、knits, to fight, to gather B、is knitting, fighting, gathering C、is knitting, to fight, gathering D、has knitted, to fight, gathering
  • 11.     in the heavy traffic, we had no choice but     in the car.
    A、Stuck; wait B、Stuck; to wait C、Sticking; to wait D、Sticking; wait
  • 12. By not having a child, the carbon footprint of an individual     in a developed country would be reduced on average by an extra 58.6 tons of carbon dioxide every year,     current emission rates.
    A、lived; basing on B、living; basing on C、lived; based on D、living; based on
  • 13. In 1938, Pearl S. Buck became the first American woman        the Nobel Prize for Literature.
    A、winning B、win C、won D、to win
  • 14.      more coffee could     people's life span, as coffee drinkers would have a lower risk of death, a new study shows.
    A、Drinking; diverse B、Drinking; extend C、To drink; conservative D、Being drink; adopt
  • 15. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the northeast coast of Honshu Japan, ________ building in the capital Tokyo and as far as Osaka.
    A、shook B、shaking C、having shaken D、shaken
  • 16. A report     by Taobao on May 3,2017 has revealed there are more than 50 million “empty-nest” youths aged 20 to 39-years-old in China, with most of them     in the places far from their hometowns.
    A、released; working B、released; worked C、releasing; working D、being released; to work
  • 17. _____ at the differences between her culture and theirs, Annie wanted to return home.
    A、Confusing B、Confused C、Having confused D、To confuse
  • 18. Amazon China unveiled(公布) the bestselling books in China for the first half of 2017 on Tuesday,     Chinese people's reading habits.
    A、disclosed B、disclosing C、to disclose D、having disclosed
  • 19. Anyone ______ boarding with knives would be stopped by security inspectors.
    A、being found B、found C、finding D、to find
  • 20. The lecture,     at 8:00 yesterday evening, was followed by an observation of the moon with telescopes.
    A、being started B、starting C、started D、to be started
  • 21. Students surf the internet _______ more information about the university they are dreamt of.
    A、found B、finding C、having found D、to find
  • 22. A growing trend in China now gives customers the options   ______ the bill by scanning a QR code or cash.
    A、paying B、paid C、having paid D、to pay
  • 23. After class, the teacher couldn't leave,       by the students.
    A、surrounded B、to surround C、was surrounded D、surrounding
  • 24. Since Wolf Warrior II was on, it has earned 5.6 billion yuan, ______ a record for national movies.
    A、setting B、having set C、to set D、set
  • 25. _______ the classroom for a whole afternoon, the monitor decided to have a rest.
    A、Having cleaned B、To clean C、Cleaned D、Clean
  • 26. Beijing No.4 High School is reported in the newspaper ________ its 110th birthday last month.
    A、to celebrate B、having celebrated C、being celebrated D、to have celebrated
  • 27. The educational reform is now under way throughout the country, ________ the students more opportunities to develop to their greatest potential.
    A、to grant B、having granted C、granting D、granted
  • 28. Your article has so many spelling mistakes that it needs _____ badly.
    A、to correct B、being corrected C、correcting D、corrected
  • 29. Tom made a small cage _____ the little injured bird till it could fly.
    A、keep B、kept C、keeping D、to keep
  • 30. Children, if well ________, are not likely to make any trouble in public places.
    A、having educated B、educating C、to be educated D、educated
  • 31.        students English well, the teacher tries to speak English in class very often.
    A、Teaching B、Taught C、To teach D、Teach
  • 32. John always gets up early in the morning _____ energetic and ready to start a new day.
    A、feel B、to feel C、feeling D、felt
  • 33. —Vivien, you look blue. What's wrong?

    —There are so many papers _____. I'm really busy recently.

    A、finish B、to finish C、finishing D、finished
  • 34. The island, _____ to the mainland by a new bridge, is much easier to visit.
    A、joining B、having joined C、joined D、to join
  • 35.          at the back of the room was a shy girl with two big eyes.
    A、Sat B、Sit C、Seating D、Seated
  • 36. The NDRC has asked major Chinese oil companies, including China National Petroleum and China Petrochemical       stable market pricing.
    A、ensuring B、to be ensured C、to ensure D、having ensured
  • 37. Watching basketball games on TV at home is one thing, going to watch them ________ live is quite another.
    A、perform B、performing C、to perform D、being performed
  • 38. If the project ________ before the end of this month is delayed, the construction company will be fined.
    A、completed B、being completed C、to be completed D、completing
  • 39. Personally speaking, ________the grand blueprint into reality is a long process.
    A、turning B、turn C、turned D、having turned
  • 40.        the wild for a week, especially for a teenager, was an unpleasant experience.
    A、Being lost in B、Lost in C、Losing in D、Having lost in
  • 41. Beijing's new international airport        into operation in 2019 will serve 72 million passengers annually.
    A、being put B、to be put C、put D、to put
  • 42. Dream of the Red Chamber is believed to be semi-autobiographical, _______the fortunes of Cao's own family.
    A、mirrored B、to mirror C、mirroring D、mirror
  • 43. A fireworks display was organized        the Queen's birthday.
    A、to mark B、marked C、having marked D、being marked
  • 44. ______ 840 square miles, the national park has beautiful lakes, mountains and forests.
    A、Cover B、Covering C、Covered D、To cover
  • 45. A heavy sandstorm is going to envelop our city. It is unwise to have your car       .
    A、wash B、washed C、washing D、to wash
  • 46. The rainforest is an amazing place, ________ with plants and animals that aren't found anywhere else in the world.
    A、filling B、filled C、being filled D、to fill
  • 47. Professor Li        for his informative lecture, was warmly received by the students.
    A、known B、knowing C、having known D、to be known
  • 48. Workers have been working through the night ________ the bridge safe.
    A、made B、to make C、being made D、having made
  • 49. _____________ basic first-aid techniques will help you respond quickly to emergencies.
    A、Known B、Having known C、Knowing D、Being known
  • 50. With the homework _______, the students can go to have a picnic.
    A、being done B、done C、doing D、to do
  • 51.        two hours daily has made considerable difference to my physical condition.
    A、To walk B、Walking C、Walked D、Having walked
  • 52. As is known, only        hard leads to happiness.
    A、work B、works C、worked D、working
  • 53. ______ the difference between the two findings is one of the worst mistakes you've made.
    A、Ignored B、Ignoring C、To ignore D、Having ignored
  • 54. The Lifelong Learning Programme       to enable people to take part in learning experiences has taken off across Europe.
    A、having been designed B、being designed C、designed D、designing
  • 55. ______ an opposing idea effectively, you can use the following words and phrases.
    A、To express B、Expressing C、Expressed D、Being expressed
  • 56. Much disappointed as he is     in the job interview, he still keeps his confidence.
    A、to have failed B、failed C、having failed D、failing
  • 57. In the library you can use your own computer to connect to Wi-Fi specially _____ for readers.
    A、preparing B、to prepare C、prepared D、prepare
  • 58. The artist is said          during the production and thus a pirated video was sold in every part of Kenya.
    A、to be cheated B、being cheated C、to have been cheated D、having been cheated
  • 59. This course is of great interest to students, _____ to improve their writing skills.
    A、hope B、to hope C、hoping D、hoped
  • 60. ____regular training in nursing, she could hardly cope with the work at first.
    A、Not received B、Since receiving C、Having not received D、Not having received