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  • 1. Read the following passage. Summarize the main idea and the main point(s) of the passage in no more than 60 words. Use your own words as far as possible.

    China's National Treasure

        Pandas are in danger of extinction at present, with only 1,900 remaining in the world. The scientific name of the giant panda is actually called the cat bear, the number of which is very scarce. It is one of the most precious animals in the world and belongs to the protected animals at the national level. Its body color is black and white. Giant pandas are unique to China, very cute. The existing major habitats are in the surrounding mountainous areas such as Sichuan and Shanxi in China. The giant panda has a very powerful function: digesting bamboo. We all know that bamboo is mainly cellulose (纤维素), and most animals can't digest it except giant pandas. The giant panda's hometown is in the mountains southwest of China, green bamboos and springs everywhere. Therefore, the giant panda's main food consists of bamboo and spring water.

        Giant pandas are often referred to as living fossils. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, it was the peak period of giant pandas. This is of great scientific value for studying and protecting biodiversity and environmental changes on the earth. Long, long ago, the climate of the earth became colder and colder, many ice cubes formed on the earth; plants could not grow, and many animals were frozen or starved to death. The giant panda alone survived in the deep valleys of the mountains and became a treasure of the animal world. The giant panda still retains the characteristics of ancient animals. Therefore, the giant panda is not only popular with adults and children in terms of appearance, but also becomes a living fossil for biologists to study ancient creatures.

        The status of giant pandas has been politicized. Giant pandas can be seen in almost all the major countries in the world. The giant panda has become a witness of friendship between China and foreign countries. For decades, wherever the giant panda goes, a panda whirlwind will blow. With its charmed figure and natural cuteness, the Chinese giant panda attracts numerous fans around the world, and at the same time plays the role of friendship ambassador in China's foreign exchanges, becoming one of the most famous symbols in China.

  • 1. 根据以下内容写一篇说明文,标题为“Australia”。

    澳大利亚位于太平洋(the Pacific)的两侧,是大洋洲最大的国家,面积760万平方公路。



    悉尼(Sydney)是澳大利亚最大城市。有许多名胜,其中悉尼歌剧院(Opera House)闻名于世。2000年奥运会就是在悉尼举行的。

    注意:1). 词数:100左右,文章开头已给出(不计入总词数);

    2). 可以根据内容要点提示适当增加细节,使行文连贯。


        Australia is the largest country in Oceania.

  • 2. 阅读下面短文,根据所给情节进行续写,使之构成一个完整的故事。

        It was an Art lesson. Rachel sat at the desk watching her classmates busy preparing the water jars and paints. She understood why Mrs. Weston asked her to sit down and got Lisa to fetch everything for her. It was always a disaster when Rachel tried to do Art!

        Rachel sighed and reached out to dip her brush in some black paint and—oh, no! She knocked over the jar. The water spread across the desk and drowned the paper. Lisa called Mrs. Weston to see what Rachel had done. Rachel went red in the face. She jumped to her feet to get a cloth. Her chair fell over backwards. She turned round and her paintbrush caught Lisa across the face, giving her a black moustache. Lisa was so surprised that she fell back against a wire bookstand. It came crashing down and the books went all over the floor.

        How clumsy! Rachel thought as she went home on the bus. The bus stopped outside her house. She jumped up and her elbow (肘部)knocked a woman's hat right over her eyes. Oh, no! Rachel said sorry, got off and ran indoors. Mum wasn't in the kitchen but lay in bed as she caught an awful cold. Rachel offered to make a cup of tea but Mum would rather wait for Dad. Rachel sighed. She understood Mum was afraid she would spill (溅出)it.

        “But would you go to Mrs. Willow for some cold cure?” asked Mum. Rachel turned to the door at once.“But Rachel, Mrs. Willow's house is full of beautiful things, so if she asks you to come in, you'd better say no.” Rachel sighed and ran out.

        Mrs. Willow was an old lady with white hair and sharp blue eyes living in an old house. She opened the door and invited her in. Rachel said why she came and that she preferred to wait outside remembering her mother's warning. Mrs. Willow insisted Rachel come inside. Rachel took a deep breath and stepped in. She looked round Mrs. Willow's sitting room and saw at once why Mum had been worried.






    Paragraph 1:

        There were beautiful things everywhere -pretty china figures and delicate vases.

    Paragraph 2:

        With a smile, Mrs. Willow comforted her saying it had been broken before.

  • 3. 请你写一篇短文介绍自己买的机器人,内容要点如下:





    注意:⑴用第一人称。  ⑵字数120词左右。

  • 4. 读后续写


        I went up to the roof for a break after studying for an hour and watched the 50 or so people swimming in the natural rock pool below our house. It was a sunny day-a blue, cloudless sky over a calm sea. But then, as I looked in the distance, I discovered a series of three or four big waves heading towards the shore. I'd seen the minitsunamis(海啸)many times before. They were heading at speed in the direction of the pool. Most people knew how to look out for them, but from the screams that started coming from the beach, I could tell someone was in trouble.

        Without thinking, I ran down into the street, holding my toy boa(俯伏冲浪板)on the way and shouted at a stranger to go inside my house and call the coastgard. My neighbor Moises had heard the screaming as well and was also outside with his body board, so together we rushed to the steps that led down to the sea.

        Once we got closer, we discovered the waves had pulled a boy and a girl from the pool and into the open sea. I knew that the nearest boat would take at least 30 minutes to reach us. Waiting for help wasn't a choice. I wasn't used to this sort of emergency-I'd never been trained as a lifeguard-but I didn't think twice about trying to save them. I supposed in a way I wanted to impress everyone: at 19, a deal like that can seem like a good opportunity to show off.

        Moises and I dived into the water and it took us 10 minutes to get to them. When we finally reached them, they were almost lifeless with only their heads coming in and out of the water. We could tell they were still alive from their small breaths but it was clear they wouldn't have been able to stay there much longer. I hold the boy and pulled him over my board. Moises moved the girl on to his board. We discussed pushing them back to the shore, but we were too far out.




    3)续写部分分为两段, 每段的开头语已为你写好;

    4)续写完成后, 请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

        We had to wait, …


        That night, word came from the hospital that the two people were in god condition. …

  • 5. 阅读下面短文,根据所给情节进行续写,使之构成一个完整的故事。

        I encountered God the summer I was five. My father had finally grown too sick to get out of bed, so the heat and nervous tension in the air inside the house made it impossible to breathe. I would escape by squeezing under the front porch. All manner of creatures lived there, but I mostly ignored them, with one exception — a little frog who, every time I crawled (爬行) under the porch, stared at me with great, golden eyes.

        In late June, the frog finally hopped (跳跃) toward my arm and stared at me, demanding eye contact. Once he had my attention, he opened his wide mouth and said, "Hello, Sophie."

        I should have been shocked, but for some reason, I wasn't. Perhaps at five years old, I was more receptive to something against the laws of nature. At any rate, I was not shocked that a frog could speak. I had a more pressing question.

        "How do you know my name?"

        The frog blinked slowly. "I know everything. I am God."

        I spoke, "You can't be God. You're too small."

        He extended a long, webbed finger and was pointing to the edge of the porch's shadow — to the spot where my mother had tried to grow flowers there for years. She had stopped trying when my father's condition worsened.

        "Look there," commanded the frog, and I stared as a beautiful white flower blossomed as if stretching its limbs after a long sleep. In my five years, I had never seen anything so splendid.

        God and I became good friends that summer. I spent every day under the porch, talking to him.

        Sometimes I asked God questions. Sometimes he answered. Once, I asked him where Heaven was.

        "Heaven," he said, "is where I live."

        In August, my father's illness had progressed to the point that I was sent to my aunt's house in Virginia. I told God I would be back soon, and then waited in Virginia for my father to get better.






    Paragraph 1:

        Six months later, I came back home for my father's funeral.

    Paragraph 2:

        Suddenly, an idea crossed my mind that my father might travel to Heaven.

  • 6. 假如你是李华,应美国西湖中学校报邀请,写一篇短文介绍你校课外活动(extracurricular activities)。内容包括:①课外活动的时间;②形式多样的活动;③欢迎来我校交流。