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    • 1. (2019•江苏)More wind power stations will ________ to meet the demand for clean energy.
      A . take up B . clear up C . hold up D . spring up
    • 2. (2019•天津)Kate heard a man's voice in the background, but she couldn't ___________ what he was saying.
      A . set aside B . take back C . make out D . keep off
    • 3. (2018•江苏) Developing the Yangtze River Economic Belt is a systematic project which _______ a clear road map and timetable.
      A . calls for B . calls on C . calls off D . calls up
    • 4. (2018•天津)At first Robert wouldn't let his daughter go diving, but eventually he___________ as she was so confidence about her skills.
      A . gave in B . dressed up C . broke in D . turned up
    • 5. (2017•江苏)Working with the medical team in Africa has_________the best in her as a doctor.

      A . held out B . brought out C . picked out D . given out
    • 6. (2017•天津) Mr. and Mrs. Brown would like to see their daughter _____, get married, and have kids.

      A . settle down B . keep off C . get up D . cut in
    • 7. (2016•江苏)Many businesses started up by college students have ______ thanks to the comfortable climate for business creation.

      A . fallen off B . taken off C . turned off D . left off
    • 8. (2016•江苏)Parents should actively urge their children to ______ the opportunity to join sports teams.

      A . gain admission to B . keep track of   C . take advantage of D . give rise to
    • 9. (2016•天津)Mary was silent during the early part of the discussion but finally she ____ her opinion on the subject.  

      A . gave voice to B . kept an eye on C . turned a deaf ear of D . set foot on
    • 10. (2016•天津)I hate it when she calls me at work—I'm always too busy to _____ a conversation with her.  

      A . carry on B . break into C . turn down D . cut off
    • 11. (2016•浙江)When their children lived far away from them , these old people felt ______from the world.

      A . carried away B . broken down C . cut off D . brought up
    • 12. —Next week I will go to a job interview, will you give me some suggestions?

      —Smiling is a great way to make yourself ________.

      A . stand out B . turn out C . work out D . pick out
    • 13. Once you've ________ the items you ordered, put this record in your file.
      A . checked in B . checked off C . checked out D . checked with
    • 14. It is said that the only survivor in the car crash was badly injured. However, somehow the doctors managed to help him ________.
      A . pull through B . put through C . look through D . break through
    • 15. Born into a family with three brothers,David was ________ to value the sense of sharing.
      A . brought up B . turned down C . looked after D . held back
    • 16. Is this your cell phone, Tony? I ________ it when I was cleaning the classroom.
      A . came across B . dealt with C . looked after D . held on to
    • 17. In order to make my composition clearer and smoother, my teacher asked me to ________ the unnecessary words and sentences.
      A . leave alone B . leave behind C . leave off D . leave out
    • 18. Please ________ your ashes before it fails on the carpet.
      A . cut off B . knock off C . get off D . drop off
    • 19. — Have you heard that they are working around the clock to compete for the prize?

      — Don't worry. We are ready to       the challenge.

      A . build up B . take up C . stick to D . lead to
    • 20. Peterson, a great archaeologist, said: " Archaeologists have been extremely patient because we were led to believe that the ministry was ________ this problem, but we feel that we can't wait any longer."
      A . looking out B . bringing out C . carrying out D . sorting out
    • 21. For many days I have been trying to      what it is that makes Jack so annoyed.
      A . carry out B . figure out C . watch out D . stand out
    • 22. Although Jane agrees with me on most points, there was one on which she was unwilling to ______.
      A . give out B . give in C . give away D . give off
    • 23. Nearly all educators believe that a challenging situation can often ______ the best qualities of a person.
      A . cheer up B . take over C . bring out D . put away
    • 24. —Do you think Peter is a good partner?

      — Not really! There are some things that are not easy to ________, and his laziness is one.

      A . put aside B . put up with C . think of D . get along with
    • 25. Smell the flowers before you go to sleep, and you may just ________sweet dreams.
      A . keep up with B . put up with C . end up with D . catch up with
    • 26. Governments around the world increasingly ________ artificial intelligence to help promote economic growth.
      A . put out B . roll out C . make out D . reach out
    • 27. Due to large investment in housing, many cities can ________ the flow of new arrivals, improving the quality of their life.
      A . give rise to B . make way for C . take part in D . keep pace with
    • 28. There was also a wallet sitting inside the car with a lot of money ______.

      A . reaching out B . sticking out C . picking out
    • 29. That's far more than the number that have actually ______ in recent years.

      A . come to light B . come to life C . come across
    • 30. When Paul ________ for the final game of the basketball season, his fans let out shouts of cry.
      A . made up B . showed up C . caught up D . held up
    • 31. Linda realized she was in the wrong and promised to ________ a new leaf.
      A . take over B . turn over C . get over D . go over
    • 32. —How do you find the movie Nobodies released recently?

      —It's fantastic. What a huge box office hit on the first day! And it has been _____ ever since.

      A . catching on B . pushing on C . carrying on D . counting on
    • 33. The relevant authorities have recently ________ some companies and individuals for their illegal emission that is harmful to the environment.
      A . cut back on B . cracked down on C . followed up on D . held out on
    • 34. With my money ________, I went back home.
      A . ran out of B . ran out C . running out D . running out of
    • 35. Although the ring is not made of real diamonds, its shape and design still ____ many young girls.
      A . appeal to B . fit for C . attend to D . apply for
    • 36. —Many optimistic teenagers owe their personalities to their outgoing parents.

      — It makes sense. As we all know, a happy parent ________ a happy child.

      A . makes out B . makes into C . makes up D . makes for
    • 37. The new survey shows that the number of students ________ computer games has been increasing in recent years.
      A . accustomed to B . absorbed to C . adapted to D . addicted to
    • 38. Despite the heavy snow outside yesterday, everybody in the company ________ their daily tasks as usual.
      A . brought about B . worried about C . cared about D . went about
    • 39. Forty years after China started its reform and opening﹣up, more than 18million rural residents have _________ poverty in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
      A . shaken off B . taken off C . paid off D . kicked off
    • 40. It's natural that a man can hardly       a smile when he is informed of some good news.
      A . hold up B . hold back C . hold off D . hold on
    • 41. One of the best ways to show confidence is to do it slowly, instead of rushing it. Nervous people rush things to       their nervousness.
      A . ignore B . mask C . govern D . modify
    • 42. — As we know, taking positive attitudes towards life is beneficial to our body and mind.

      — You can say that again. Struggle not to let negative ideas       .

      A . take over B . take off C . take on D . take up
    • 43. As a result, these countries are always struggling to           their repayments; government finances that could be spent on health, education and long-term development are instead used for debt repayment.
      A . dive right in B . catch up on C . push ahead with D . split off from
    • 44. Experts suggest that young parents ______ some time to communicate with their children instead of spending much time playing games on the phone.
      A . set aside B . put away C . make up D . account for
    • 45. When you're done, throw it all away and _______ your new assignment.
      A . break into B . turn into C . dive into D . fit into
    • 46. Bob was trying to ______ that he knew the famous singer who would perform in our city.
      A . lay out B . let out C . figure out D . make out
    • 47. It is said that body language ________ 55 percent of a first impression while what you say just 7 percent.

      A . lies in B . consists of C . accounts for D . goes with
    • 48. There are many factors that _________ the popularity of the 4G cell phone. Higher speed of surfing the Internet is one.

      A . answer for B . provide for C . account for D . apply for
    • 49. People ________being charged parking, so the decision maker had to compromise.

      A . resigned to B . subscribed to C . submitted to D . objected to
    • 50. I'm tired of the practice to assign endless homework to students in holidays. Actually, summer holiday is the perfect time to ____the books they meant to read.

      A . controversial; compensate for B . conventional; catch up on C . confidential; push for D . conscious; cater to